Tuesday, January 2, 2018


Who do you like for Oregon Senate District 3?

It is a quick, early, opinion poll:

Click Here to go to the Survey.

District 3 is the Senate District currently held by Alan DeBoer.  It generally consists of the cities of Medford, Phoenix, Talent, and Ashland, plus the whole south country that includes Jacksonville, Ruch, and the Applegate. 

There are a number of candidates filing for election in the Democratic primary, and perhaps more to come.  Alan DeBoer is presumed to be interested in running for re-election, but may not.   Who knows?

The survey willl take about 2 minutes if you click through it, and a bit more time if you choose to give thoughtful comments.

My blog--and this survey--are 100% non commercial.  No advertising.  No selling information to anyone.  

I would like to hear from my readers.  There are most of 1000 of you every day.  Some days more.


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