Sunday, January 7, 2018

Foxy Women: Eve

Fox understands that women have a secret weapon, and it is sex.  They aren't so innocent.

TV: Sofa, glass table, tight dresses, bare legs.

This blog comments on Fox News because Fox News is important.  People watch it. Fox News is relentless in its portrayal of the world: nationalistic, authoritarian and pro-Trump.  It is outraged at the dishonest, cowardly, hypocrisy of critics of Trump.

Fox News TV is full of sneers at their adversaries: Democrats, experts, anything-Clinton or anything-Obama.  Opinion hosts roll their eyes.  Outrage is the primary tone.

They create a deliberate presentation of women: unacknowledged hot sexual subtext.  It is there like a watermark on paper, visible and intentional, but unsaid.

Fox News has a sister-outlet,   

TV:The Fox Female "look"
TV and Internet are edited and curated by different people and have a different tone. Fox news TV would introduce a criticism of Republicans or Trump by leading with its contradiction, i.e. "Trump blasted as total fake news today's accusation by Democratic Senator Schumer that Trump's tweets on North Korea are dangerous."   Fox internet might lead with Schumer's comment, then show Trump's response.  

But the important distinction is the lack of voice inflection and eye roll displaying the ongoing insult to patriotic, hard working, white, Republican Christians. In written format, http://www.foxnews.comthe point of view is explicit, and therefore exposed, and therefore less powerful.  Overtly calling something "garbage" is less impactful than a look and sigh of utter disgust by a Fox and Friends host.

The internet Fox also communicates its view of women with story choice.  This week Fox internet has three different back to back headline stories on the reiterated meme: female sexual predation. 

This is no coincidence.  This cannot be just the happenstance of news that comes across the transom.  Yet another women acts on criminal sexual impulses.  Women lie. Women want sex and use sex.

This week's hot news.
One school of thought is that Fox is simply doing the world a worthy service--exposing that women, too, perpetrate sex crimes, that women are no more angels than are men.  Fox internet disabuses us of the idea we should "trust the woman." The school of thought asserts mainstream media outlets are creating a false view of the world--Fake News--by leaving out the important ongoing story of the lustful, predatory woman.  

I see it differently.  The constant return to this subject is as intentional as the bare legs and tight dresses in primary colors.  There is an agenda.  Fox TV and Fox internet are defending a traditional view of the world, in which women and men exist in different realms.  
Yet more hot news.

Men are men, and women are women.  

Democrats are the party of educated office workers.  Men and women are supposed to interact as de-sexualized co-workers, not as "male" and "female."  Al Franken has just been taught the lesson. Men and women are supposed to be equal, which implies identical, at least in job function.  Men and women both get maternity/paternity leave.  There are no "men" jobs, not in firefighting, policing, or in the military.

Still more hot news.
Fox News and Fox internet are telling a different story. Men and women are different. Fox communicates that the legal equality of the sexes might be true but the equivalence of the sexes is not true.  The genders have different bodies, different temperaments.  And men and women in close proximity remain sexualized beings, not asexual worker-units.

Fox News TV and internet knows better than to describe the races as "smart law abiding white people" versus "stupid, lazy, welfare-cheating black people and brown immigrants." That is too overt and direct.  They understand that is what the character "Archie Bunker" could say, but Fox itself could never be so overt. 

Therefore, Fox tells it obliquely, through visuals on TV and story choice in the internet version of Fox.  Trump blasts Kaepernick. Or Mexican immigrant commits murder.  Those are the messages its audience wants to get.  Fox's own The Simpsons decoded it for us:  "Not racist, but #1 with Racists."

Fox is on the side of cultural traditionalists, on sex as well as ethnicity and religion.  Fox has a story to tell.    

Fox: TV women are hot.  Women are driven by sex, too. And the politically correct behavior pushed by Democrats is both immoral and impossible.

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Rick Millward said...

Ironic also that it can be said that Fox's firing of O'Reilly and Ailes triggered the #meetoo phenomenon.

Women's right have paralleled the broader civil rights movement in America. Regressive patriarchy is dying, but traitors to their gender continue to hold women back. I would guess that the women at Fox are of a particular ambitiousness, continuing a tradition of heavy makeup and skin as a necessary component to advancement, and don't particularly mind being paid less.

But I don't think it's necessarily about sex per se. This seems more tribal, where the alpha males in the clan display their women as a symbol of their power. The men at Fox for the most part seem quite impotent, Trump chief among them. For example, Hannity's shrill defensiveness of Trump has an asexual tone more akin to what one sees when TMZ dishes some hapless celebrity.

It is a fundamental tenet of Regressivsim that anyone other than Caucasian males are inferior. Women who, for their own self interest, acquiesce to this compromise their self respect. Progressives rightly have zero tolerance for this and other bigoted attitudes as Franken and others are learning. Saying this it seems to me that Franken needn't have sacrificed himself, though. He could have proclaimed himself as evolved and likely would have survived. Some people are capable of growing and learning, and true repentance and forgiveness are both necessary for Progressive values to prevail. Reformed, Franken could have become a credible warrior for the cause. His female colleagues made the wrong choice in abandoning him, which to me is prime example of Democratic confusion on fundamentals.