Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Curt Ankerberg: 48% of the vote in the GOP Primary

GOP candidate for State Senate submits a comment.

Ankerberg came very close to winning the Republican nomination for State Senate, with 47% of the vote, notwithstanding having been outspent 40 to 1, and having almost no campaign.  I have decided that banning him from this blog only served the purpose of giving him un-warrented credibility. 

Here is the comment I received from him Wednesday afternoon:

Curt Ankerberg
"Speaking of jerks, you're a jerk, Peter. I willingly spoke with you, and was courteous with you. What did I get from you in return? Disrespect. You discounted and demeaned me from the start. You're a Harvard elitist, with a bullshit degree. Thus, you get disrespected in return. Undoubtedly, you got rich serving the rich, so you're beholden to them now. You absolutely have no clue about the republican party, or conservatives. You're just a know-nothing blow-hard. Gomez is not a republican, and she never will be. She's no more a conservative than you are. Conservatives will abandon her in droves in November. Golden will beat her 65% to 35%. As for my issues, you won't get the entire story from the the leftist Mail Tribune. I don't give a damn what you think about my issues. I was legally blind, and I had hydrocephalus, and I was incapable of dealing with my daily issues. You're a pansy-ass, and a hangnail would incapacitate you."  


Anonymous said...

This guy is an ass and he’s proven it time and time again. He only needs to look in the mirror to figure out who’s to blame for his loss.

Anonymous said...

There's a good chance that if Ankerberg had all the money he needed to get his message out, he would have gotten less votes.

amrowell said...

Even though we often find ourselves on opposite sides of the political issues, I can attest, based on our long-term friendship, that you are good and decent person. Phooey on Ankerberg.