Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Trump brands things, and we fall for it.

Trump has people talking about "Spy-gate."

Trump names things, and by naming them defines the frame.  

Donald Trump dominates the political news. He is vulgar and shameless and very interesting.  No Democrat on the national stage is anywhere near as interesting. He is the bright sun that blots out everything else.  He is the center of gravity. 

He uses his media domination to define the terms that Americans use to think about issues and fellow politicians.

Trump creates the frame which the media describes events by branding it and repeating it. Trump chooses the frame that serves his interests. When the media covers Trump they end up disseminating Trump's frame.

In logic and rhetoric it would be "begging the question", the fallacy of an argument's premises assume the truth the answer to a controversy.  For example, the name "fake news" imbeds the conclusion, that the news is unreliable.  "FBI investigation" creates an image of conscientious law enforcement looking into potential criminal activity. But "spy-gate" embeds very different presumptions about that activity: outsiders sneaking where they don't belong (spy) in an action that is a high level scandalous wrongdoing (gate.) 

Trump is good at this. 

Trump's has a technique, usually to link an adjective to a noun. The adjective picks at a vulnerability and defines the noun. Trump picks memorable adjectives. They stick in the mind.

Witch hunt.
Fake news
Failing New York Times
One-sided Iran deal
Illegal aliens
Illegal immigrants
Job-killing regulations
Clean coal
Rocket Man
Click for the article
Crooked Hillary

Lyin' Ted
Litle Marco
Low Energy Bush
Dicky Durbin
Wacky Congressman Wilson
Crazy Joe Biden
Little Adam Schiff
Crazy Bernie
Leaking' Jim Comey

It works for Trump. 

Only 13% of Republicans consider the investigation by Robert Mueller to be a legitimate investigation. 

And one more thing:  Trump is always selling.  Always. Even when it is inappropriate. 

Voters will ignore his narcissism if they see him as having brought prosperity. Voters don't need to be proud of Trump. It's the economy, stupid.

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  1. I agree - he seems not to know or care when he is inappropriate. Another example is when he used the occasion of thanking and honoring the Navajo Code-talkers to take a jab at Elizabeth Warren, somehow thinking that they would be impressed by his derogatory reference to Pocahontas. To compound it, they were standing in front of the portrait of Andrew Jackson. How tone deaf.


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