Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Trump: better a horn dog than a autocrat.

"If there weren't any women, all the money in the world wouldn't matter."     

Scolds Trump
Attributed to Aristotle Onassis

Trump has been a playboy his whole life.  Stormy Daniels and similar tabloid tawdry stories don't hurt him. We knew this already.  

The new revelations actually help him.  They suggest he doesn't want wealth and power so he can conquer far off lands.  He wants it because it gets him sex with beautiful young women. We can live with that.

There is a big message hiding inside the current round of Trump sex revelations.

1.  They distract his political opponents. Democrats and the mainstream media have something new to joke and scoff about. They think this is one more straw breaking the Trump camel's back. No. Americans don't expect Trump to be a moral leader. Trump supporters just don't care.

Democratic and media scolding is backfiring because it is more comfortable for Americans to laugh at Trump than to hear the pious judgements of Jimmy Carter.  Carter condemned Trump's "immorality and his violation of his sacred oath before God to be loyal to his wife."  Carter represents guilt. Trump represents joyful excess. Carter is Sunday morning.  Trump is Saturday night. Trump wins that face-off. 

Democrats and the mainstream news shows put righteous women on the air.  "Mansplaining" is condemned. #MeToo is celebrated. Democrats proudly cleansed themselves of Al Franken.  They rise in opposition to Hollywood's reputation for casting couch seductions. Charlie Rose, Garrison Keillor, Matt Lauer, Mark Halperin and others are purged. Democrats and the media represent a period of renewed morality, and they feel better for it.  It is a righteous position but a dangerous one, vulnerable to accusations of hypocrisy. Evangelical Christians voted 85% for Trump. It is the secular party coming across as the scold.  Most people don't like being scolded, especially when it is deserved.

2. Trump's adulteries and horn dog history make him seem more clownish than dangerous.  Trump is in danger of crossing over a grey boundary line into narcissistic, un-democratic authoritarianism. He is the tough tough guy, the brute, the one who justifies torture, the one who praised viciousness.  Many people like it.  His crowds cheer tough talk: death penalty for drug dealers; trade wars; harsh words for North Korea; military parades.

This could easily be worrisome to voters. What could stop Trump from doing anything?  Not Democrats. Not GOP officeholders.  Not the civil institutions of media, academia, churches.  

One thing only: as Trump would put it, "pussy."

Yuck. And yet it serves Trump.

His being a horn-dog softens and humanizes him.  He is driven by sex and distracted by sex. He does foolish, dangerous, disreputable things for sex.  He comes across as ridiculous, but not frightening.  A growling, barking male dog showing teeth is intimidating.  The same male dog, sniffing at a female dog's rear, or desperately trying to hump ones leg, is laughable. We see testosterone at work in male dogs: aggression, domination, libido.  Humans complicate and try to hide it inside customs and restraint, but it is there.. Trump cannot hide it. He wants a harem. 

A harem is less dangerous than an army.


  1. Well said. However this view of the Republican Leader overlooks what I feel is a more salient issue.

    The clownishness reveals an underlying truth. Republicans lost control of their base and the result is now they are being swept along in a cultural tsunami that has disconnected them from their corporatist masters. But to the point, the fundamental issue with the Trump phenomenon is the fact that it is a fraud, a web of lies and obfuscations cultivated by those who saw opportunity in the racism awakened by the Obama election. His peccadilloes aren't necessarily the issue. Those who knew him prior The Apprentice image whitewashing are fully aware of his character, as was any bank, contractor or spouse. What these revelations expose is the lying, cover up, and general thuggishness that he and is crew have brought to Washington D.C., and that is what is chipping away at his credibility with his cult. What the recent gun control movement has shown us is that tipping points are impossible to predict.

    Also note that Republicans are silent. It's possible that Trump is being set up for sacrifice at the moment that will best serve those whose knives are being sharpened behind the scenes at this very moment.

  2. What’s the over and under for the divorce? I’d put it at one year.


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